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Leasing Services

Landlord Representation:

John Propp Commercial Group has been matching leasing prospects with quality office, retail and industrial properties for more than 23 years. A solid combination of hard work, honesty and fairness has earned John Propp Commercial Group a reputation for cultivating win-win Landlord/Tenant relationships that work for the long run.

Providing skillful negotiations and the promise of a consistent and persistent follow-up of all potential tenants, together with a focused, consistent and calculated marketing plan, has branded John Propp Commercial Group as an important resource to the brokerage community and the general public when they are seeking to lease commercial real estate.

You guys have been great to work with; your honesty and integrity are greatly appreciated. I work with LOTS of Realtors and you guys have been truly exemplary. I wish you could train some of the other agents I have worked with. Thanks.
D. Doud, June 2009

We strive every day to provide you with property leasing services second to none. Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

Tenant Representation:

John Propp Commercial Group represents tenants seeking commercial real estate.

We pride ourselves on listening to our tenant clients; determining their needs and presenting them with as many options as are available in the marketplace.

Our extensive experience in representing landlords translates into a benefit for our tenant representation clients. We know how landlords think and we can use that knowledge to our tenant representation clients’ advantage.

From letter of intent to lease negotiation to moving coordination assistance, John Propp Commercial Group stays actively involved from beginning to end.

As you know, we had previously worked with two commercial real estate firms, and were floundering in our search at the time we engaged your services. Within 90 days of that engagement, we had signed a lease and were moving into our new location. So, thanks again.
Mark A. August 2010

Why Hire John Propp Commercial Group?


The John Propp Commercial Group Leasing Team has a combined 52 years of commercial real estate experience. John V. Propp, CCIM, Broker, is annually recognized as one of the “Top Ten Retail Brokers” in the Denver Metro area, while the John Propp Commercial Group Company is rewarded with a “Top Ten Small Office” designation and typically completes over 100 lease transactions each year.


We are a highly recognizable real estate company with over 50 readily identifiable marketing signs posted throughout the Denver Metro Market. Together with our other avenues of consistent marketing, we have created a lead generating synergy that benefits all of our clients. In many cases, a prospective tenant inquiry can be directed to more than one location that may suit their needs. In other situations, we are able to assist a tenant in one location to set up a second location at another property of ours.

Lead Tracking System:

John Propp Commercial Group makes the promise of a consistent and persistent follow-up of all potential tenant leads. We maintain a Lead Tracking System that follows EVERY SINGLE LEAD to its ultimate conclusion. The Propp Leasing team works diligently to keep landlords regularly informed as to the progress of marketing efforts, tenant inquiries and showing feedback. Learning the reason why a prospective tenant chooses not to lease is the most important feedback the leasing team can share with the landlord. The Propp Leasing team is proud of their responsiveness. No call or contact goes unattended; something we cannot say about some of the competition.

Market Analysis:

One of the most important services The Propp Leasing team provides is a thorough review of the competition in the specific market area. A current market analysis is the basis for setting asking rates at any particular property. A thorough knowledge of the specific market area gives The Propp Leasing team an advantage when selling our listings over the competition’s property. It is very powerful to know about the competition that the prospect may have, or will eventually see. A thorough knowledge of the specific market area gives the landlord invaluable information allowing for the ability to react quickly to make price or other adjustments to meet the changing competition.

Financial Analysis/Comparison:

As all lease offers tend to have individual requirements, specific clauses, and certain costs, the Propp Leasing Team also assists the landlord in analyzing the financial aspects of any one lease proposal, or to assist in comparing competing offers. When is a lease a good deal? We are happy to help you decide.

Tenant Screening:

We assist the landlord in obtaining financial information and disclosures from prospective tenants. We are able to acquire Dunn and Bradstreet reports as well as personal credit and criminal histories for landlord review, at no cost to the landlord.

Marketing Plan:

At the center of everything we do is a consistent and repetitious marketing plan. John Propp Commercial Group’s market plan contains both a general broad based boilerplate marketing plan melded with property specific marketing efforts. Our marketing plan includes:

Core Marketing Campaign:

Signs at the Property –

We track where our marketing efforts are most effective and, after a number of years of keeping records, the sign/banner at the property is responsible for the majority of all lead contacts. We recommend signs!

Flyers/Brochures –

We prepare an attractive, professional, and informative marketing brochure/flyer for each property.

E-Mail Marketing Campaign –

In today’s world, a good e-mail marketing campaign is an important part of a core marketing plan. We prepare an e-mail on a particular property that is used to send as a repetitive e-mail broadcast through Constant Contact. The e-mails are sent as broadcasts to the brokerage community.  We maintain proprietary e-mail marketing lists, fine-tuned for specific properties.

John Propp Commercial Group Web Page –

We maintain a vibrant and current web page as a portal to our available inventory and as a resource to the general public.

Wide Area Campaign:

Print advertising –

We maintain a regular print advertising schedule in the Colorado Real Estate Journal trade magazine. The advertisement rotates properties at each insertion. Whether your particular property is shown or not, the reoccurring advertisement creates activity that benefits all properties.

Internet –

As an important part of the marketing efforts at John Propp Commercial Group, we take full advantage of the power and reach of the Internet. All properties are represented on the Internet on the following Commercial Information Exchanges databases (CIE/MLS):

CoStar/LoopNet (

CoStar/LoopNet is the CIE that is most commonly used amongst the Denver Metro commercial real estate broker community.

This national commercial real estate database prides itself on researched and verified information to deliver to its clients.  CoStar provides listings and information to its members and uploads the listings to LoopNet for general public viewing.

LoopNet (

LoopNet is accessible to the public or broker. Many direct tenant/buyer/seller leads are generated by LoopNet. John Propp Commercial Group subscribes to the LoopNet “Enterprise Marketing Package.” The Enterprise Marketing Package provides the added benefits of:

  • allowing the general public to view all of our listings without having to become a paying LoopNet member.
  • gives priority search results placement to our listings.
  • feeds our listings to and who place our listings on their web sites.


Catylist (

Our listings are also added to Catylist.  Catylist partners with brokerage firms, local associations, and economic development communities to create a customized, local database for our market to subscribers.  Through Catylist, John Propp Commercial Group markets our listings to the brokerage community, via e-mail.

Targeted Campaign:

We consider each property independently and create a specific targeted marketing plan for just that property. As a part of a targeted marketing plan, all or some of the techniques below are employed:

Cold Calling – Cold calling or door to door canvassing of neighboring properties.

Direct Mail – Postcards – Direct mail campaign to select business types or to a specific area, NCIS code or brokers specializing in that property type and location.

Info USA – Mailing list provider – Target specific tenants in a specific area through postcard or brochure mailers.

Marketing Meetings – The John Propp Commercial Group leasing team regularly attends local marketing meetings to “pitch” their availabilities to the Brokerage community.

Economic Development Agencies – Submitting information to development agencies that may be able to direct new or relocating businesses.

John Propp Commercial Group looks forward to putting a marketing plan in place for your property!