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We consider each property independently and create a specific targeted marketing plan for just that property. As a part of a targeted marketing plan, all or some of the techniques below are employed:

Cold Calling – Cold calling or door to door canvassing of neighboring properties.

Direct Mail – Postcards – Direct mail campaign to select business types or to a specific area, NCIS code or brokers specializing in that property type and location.

Info USA – Mailing list provider – Target specific tenants in a specific area through postcard or brochure mailers.

Marketing Meetings – The John Propp Commercial Group leasing team regularly attends local marketing meetings to “pitch” their availabilities to the Brokerage community.

Economic Development Agencies – Submitting information to development agencies that may be able to direct new or relocating businesses.

John Propp Commercial Group looks forward to putting a marketing plan in place for your property!