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I have outgrown my current space and need to move. I have found another location that suits me better but I have almost 12 months left on my current lease. It is possible that the new landlord will pay off the old landlord so I can move early?

The simple answer is Yes. The more realistic answer is most likely not. Typically a new tenant will ask a landlord for free rents, tenant improvement money and other concessions as enticement to lease a particular suite. These concessions can quickly add up to equal 6-12 months of future rents. So, asking a landlord to make all the typical concessions AND pay off 12 months of your current lease is most likely not a reasonable prospect. On the other hand, maybe if you were to agree to take the new space “as-is” with NO concessions, then possibly the landlord would have money available to pay off your old lease term.

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