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Whether you are a professional investor or a little less seasoned, the professionals at John Propp Commercial Group can provide you with a level of services suited to your particular assignment.

We are experts at finding quality commercial real estate investment properties in Denver, Colorado. Our contacts in the marketplace, cultivated over the past 20 years, benefit our clients by providing them access to opportunities they might not otherwise have.

The best investment properties rarely see the light of day. It takes a concentrated, focused, proactive and persistent effort to locate suitable quality investment properties.

We actively seek properties that show evidence of strong investment value, and then carefully evaluate each property’s fundamentals and financial information to determine that property’s economic feasibility.

Due to our years of property investment experience, combined with our extensive property management expertise, John Propp Commercial Group is able to analyze the income and expenses of a particular property in a manner that discovers statistical anomalies in any one category. Has the seller underestimated the maintenance numbers? Have they budgeted enough for snow removal? Can you run the property in a proper manner given the current expense level? Conversely, we can discover areas where efficiency or property improvements can reduce owner and tenant costs.

Let’s go find your investment!